Frequently Asked Questions

Your Nifty Questions Answered Here.

Will hardware to install be included with my knobs or bath accessories ?

Yes and installation instructions as well.  We ship a 8/32 1" screw with our glass collections and a 1 1/4" screw with our cabinet hardware.  This works for most applications however if you are using our knobs on custom cabinets, old furniture or bi-fold doors you may find you need a longer or shorter screw.  No worries they are readily available from any hardware store, are inexpensive and come in all lengths.  To determine the length of screw needed, just measure the thickness of your cabinet, door or drawer and add about 1/4". (The depth of our insert).  Ask your hardware store sales person for an 8/32 thread in the desired length.

Can I wash a ceramic Nifty Nob? 

Yes, this is one of the nice things about our ceramic products.  Like your coffee cup they have been glazed and fired multiple times at temperatures around 2000 degrees.  They are heat, humidity, and waterproof.  Just remove them and wash in warm sudsy water.  We DO NOT recommend putting  knobs in a dishwasher as the heat may affect the glue bond with the insert inside the knob. 

How fast will my order ship?

Nifty Nob, Inc  maintains a live inventory and stocks thousands of each item in each color.  If your order is received by noon Mountain Standard Time it will ship the very next day.  Rarely do we stock out of an item but that would be the only reason for delay and you will be personally notified of any such delays upon receipt of your order.

Are the Nifty Nob products original designs?

Yes. Our owner Susan Zimmerman begins with a blank piece of paper so to speak. Each design is created by Susan and made exclusively for Nifty Nob, Inc. Unfortunately some dishonest people are not above copying and that is ashame but know we adamantly protect our designs. Every item in our line is the exclusive property of Nifty Nob or Nifty Nob, Inc and each design is copy righted or patented as required. If you have interest in using our designs licensing agreements may be available.

How was Nifty Nob named?  Why is it not Nifty Knob?

When the company was conceived Susan's husband Gary, who thought she was crazy said, "So what are you going to name this business?!"  Without a thought she said Nifty Nob!  Susan truly never had thought about a name before it fell out of her mouth!   The name was spelled using alliteration so both words started with an "N", but we do own the domain spelled as Nifty Knob as well as Nifty Nobs and Nifty Knobs as many people spell knob in the traditional manner.  At one point Susan thought about changing the company name to Nifty Knob until she looked up Nob in the dictionary only to find out that the noun "Nob" was a socially important stylish English gent!  What could be more Nifty!   So now we can add another meaning to stylishness as in stylish cabinet knobs! or should we say "Nobs" ! Click here to read the definition!  and now you will be able to deduce the origin of the phrase to hob nob!

Where do the products ship from?

Our warehouse and corporate offices are in Colordo just outside of Boulder, CO...A truly magical place.