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Gold Star Cabinet Knob

Giraffe Knob-Right FacingGull Gray Round Cabinet Knob

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Leaf Green Star Cabinet Knob Light Pink Star Furniture Knob Cherry Red Star Cabinet Knob French Blue Star Cabinet Knob Star Furniture Knob-True Blue

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Gold Star Cabinet Knob

Model # 6-11A-17
Price: $9.00


Product Description:

Our Nifty Square Cabinet Knobs in nineteen different colors and styles are truly unique.  Here are a few design ideas using this hardware: For adults, the sleek, clean design makes these geometric cabinet knobs a great solution for contemporary interiors.  In addition, choose colors such as chestnut brown or persimmon orange and these square cabinet knobs will be the perfect match for mid-century design.  Of course they are fun for kids too. Mix red, yellow and blue square cabinet knobs or add star knobs and pyramid knobs to create a fun geometric theme.

Technical Specifications:

Height /Width: Knobs measure 2" high and 2" wide*

Projection: When mounted cabinet knob will project out from the cabinet or drawer 1"

*All measuments are taken at longest distance possible

Mounting Hardware: We ship a 1/1/4" 8/32 screw.  If you need longer or shorter they are available in many lenghts at all major hardware retailers

Product Info:

Name: Gold Star Knob -Gold

SKU: 795924604174

Collection: Basic Shapes


Made and Designed by: Nifty Nob, Inc

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