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Bunny Knob-Left Facing

Bright Blue Round Cabinet Knob w/ Center ScrewBunny Knob-Right Facing

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Bunny Knob-Right Facing 60 60 60 60 Sunflower Knob

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Bunny Knob-Left Facing

Model # 2-10L
Price: $8.00



Product Description:

Nifty Nob, Inc was the first company to create a knob in this shape and today this Adorable Bunny Knob is a true classic.   Pair this bunny with our Carrot Knob on a painted lettuce green dresser and you will have the baby nursery of your dreams!   Also available facing to the right.

Technical Specifications: Our hardware is always handmade and hand painted.  The knobs are cast solid of only the highest quality ceramic.  You can tell by the details (Pink ear fur) and weight (Knobs are not hollow).  Quality is important to us and so we pay attention to every detail when creating our products for you.

Height /Width: Knobs measure 1.75" high and 3.0" wide*

Projection: When mounted cabinet knob will project out from the cabinet or drawer 1.25"

*All measurements are taken at longest distance possible

Mounting Hardware: We ship a 1/1/4" 8/32 screw with every knob.  If you need longer or shorter they are available in many lengths at all major hardware retailers

Product Info:

Name: Bunny Cabinet Knob-Facing Left

SKU: 795924717997

Collection: Kid’s Hardware

Warranty: 1 Year* Excludes damage caused by user.

Made and Designed by: Nifty Nob, Inc


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