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Mix & Match Themed Cabinet Hardware feed

What is a theme? In the design world, a theme refers to the motif used in a particular space. This may be a tropical theme for a pool house, a golf theme for the rec room, ski theme for the boys, or quilting theme for grandma. The theme usually reflects what the space is used for by giving it personality and making it fun. When you choose knobs, pulls and accessories with a theme in mind, they become an integral part of that personality, along with the designs on the wallpaper, the cabinets, the upholstery and the rest of the interior décor.

True to our beginnings, Nifty Nob offers a wonderful selection of knobs, pulls and shapes for kids. But we’re not only for kids. Our variety and themes can make any room a little more Nifty and fun.

Kids will love the yellow duck and the teddy bear; pink hearts for girls and airplanes for boys. But whether you are a kid or just still young at heart, you can choose from beach themes, tropical fish, stars and moons, football, basketball, baseball and much more.

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