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Star Furniture Knob-True Blue

Spring Grass Green Etched Glass 3" PullStoplight Knob

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Light Pink Star Furniture Knob Cherry Red Star Cabinet Knob French Blue Star Cabinet Knob Gold Star Cabinet Knob Leaf Green Star Cabinet Knob Yellow Sun Cabinet  Knob Yellow Moon Cabinet Knob

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Star Furniture Knob-True Blue

Model # 6-11A-18
Price: $9.00


Product Description:

We make Nifty Star Cabinet Knobs in many colors. Here are a few ideas:  Mix red, yellow and blue, stars or add squares and pyramids to create a fun geometric theme.  Use our Moon Cabinet Knob and Sun Cabinet Knob and Star Cabinet Knobs to create a celestial theme.  And finally use our Sports Cabinet Knobs add a few Gold Star Cabinet Knobs and show your sports star he or she is a winner!

Technical Specifications:

Height /Width: Knobs measure 2" high and 2" wide*

Projection: When mounted cabinet knob will project out from the cabinet or drawer 1"

*All measuments are taken at longest distance possible

Mounting Hardware: We ship a 1/1/4" 8/32 screw.  If you need longer or shorter they are available in many lenghts at all major hardware retailers

Product Info:

Name: Pink Star Knob - Light Pink

SKU: 795924604181

Collection: Kids


Made and Designed by: Nifty Nob, Inc

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